High Accurate Granite Products

Machining, grinding and manual lapping of a variety of materials, such as granite, ceramics, mineral casts, metals, zerodur and fibre-reinforced materials. Depending on type of material and configuration accuracies up to 0,001 mm/mcan be achieved. Sizes up to 5 x 2,8 x 1,5 meters and 15.000 kg (in one piece), assemblies even bigger.

Granite Precision Parts. 
Monolithical machinebases, slides, machineparts manufactured out of one piece of raw material

High Accurate Metal Products

  • High accurate machineframes
  • Large ultra vacuüm compatible parts

High Accurate Motion Platforms

Due to the characteristics of granite it is an ideal material to design and build high accurate motion platforms such as: linear guiding systems, machine bases, gantries and others.

At Botech we design and build these platforms for over 35 years. The gathered experience will flow into your product, regardless if it is a granite 'only' product or component or a sub-assembly including other materials like: metal, pneumatic or electronic components.

Aerostatic Applications

Airbearings are precision parts for frictionless motion used in numerous applications where high accuracy is required. With airbearings transfer of force is possible between a moving and a static part in an assembly, where both parts are divided by an extreme thin layer of air.

This layer of air provides a bearing surface without contact, that is frictionless and has a high repeatability, in which shortwave inaccuracies in the bearingsurface are even averaged out. Absence of (hydraulic) lubricant makes airbearings the ideal solution in clean(room) environments.

Because of these typical properties, it is possible to design, in combination with granite or ceramic (machine-)parts, extreme smooth moving, high accurate, self cleaning guidings, that are not subject to wear.

Fibre-reinforced Products

NTS Botech is specialized in machining and (surface) grinding of large and accurate fibre-reinforced products.

NTS Botech can be of assistance in the design of typical Carbon-Fiber Epoxy- en Glasfiber Epoxy-products.

For more detailed information, please contact NTS Botech.